Panel discussion with Dr. Harald Falckenberg (Art Collector), Adrienne Goehler (free curator), Marianne Kapfer (curator PlanetArt Dialogues), Jana Schiedek (State Councillor for Culture and Media) and Jörg-Andreas Krüger (president of NABU), and Jens Heller (artist).

This discussion took place on Oct.11th, 2022, at the Academy of Arts in Hamburg, as the start of a series of talks about nature, ecology and sustainability in a time of climate crisis and the need for societal transformation. It is part of PlanetArt Dialogues.

The Discussion was held in German.

More information: PlanetArt Dialoge

„Vorne, Hinten, Jenseits“, 200 x 120 cm, Öl/Lwd., 2022.
“ In Front, Behind, Beyond „, 200 x 120 cms, oil/cvs., 2022.